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General Ventilation and Smoke Exhaust Systems Equipment

CVM Manufacturing Works has been at the forefront of the ventilation and climate control systems market for over ten years. We constantly monitor the needs of our customers to develop, manufacture and install a wide range of top range products, including:

1. For general ventilation systems: 


2. For smoke-exhaust systems: 

4. Dry cooler


Our equipment meets all modern safety requirements as well as relevant regulations and standards in hygiene and sanitation.

CVM Manufacturing Works has a long track record of providing a high level of customer satisfaction and of retaining its customers as long term partners.

The quality of our products and high level of customer support serves to make CVM Manufacturing Works a leading player in the HVAC market.

Our ventilation and climatic equipment

CVM Manufacturing Works manufactures its ventilation products its factory in Vladimir, to the east of Moscow.

We produce a wide range of ventilation related products: composite ventilation  units (ABC, СВАН), air-handling units series BTsK (БЦК), special-purpose equipment (explosion-proof fans, smoke exhaust fans), refrigeration units, system automation appliances, etc.

CVM Manufacturing Works advanced technology products are designed to meet the highest international quality standards in the field of ventilation. Our products, ranging from standard ducted equipment, explosion-proof fans, refrigerating units etc. reflect the high level of engineering expertise at CVM Manufacturing Works and a comprehensive knowledge of market needs.

Research and development of ventilation equipment at CVM Manufacturing Works covers a wide range of industrial ventilation systems — explosion-proof fans and smoke exhaust units. We aim to develop products with the optimum performance using explosion-proof components and special-purpose construction materials.

CVM Manufacturing Works has recently released its specialist NOVA product line of wet-type air heaters with equalized heat distribution systems. NOVA features an axial fan and impeller with specially designed blades to direct air flow. Unique technologies and advanced materials allow us to produce practically noiseless equipment.

You can contact our team of specialists at any time for expert advice. Our specialists are always ready to help you choose the most appropriate equipment and to provide you with information on individual products. You can also use our special software to search for air handling units and ventilation systems.